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08 DEC 23

'Right To Know': Illinois Bill Would Require Blood Donors To Disclose Covid Vaxx Status

New legislation in Illinois would allow individuals receiving blood donations to know whether they’re receiving blood from an individual vaccinated with a COVID-19 'vaccine' or another messenger RNA (mRNA) 'vaccine.' 

Bill HB4243, introduced on Nov. 29 by Illinois state Rep. Jed Davis, amends the Illinois Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank Act and would require blood banks to test donated blood for evidence of COVID-19 vaccines and other mRNA components, including lipid nanoparticles and spike protein—and requires a blood donor to disclose during each donor screening process whether they have received a COVID-19 vaccine or any other mRNA vaccine during their lifetime.

Additionally, the bill imposes labeling requirements for blood or blood components that test positive for evidence of a COVID-19 vaccine or other mRNA vaccine component or were obtained from a donor who received a COVID-19 vaccine or other mRNA vaccine. “A constituent approached me concerned about her son's upcoming surgery. What if he needed a blood transfusion with the long-term impacts concerning mRNA vaccines unknown? As a parent myself, her concern and corresponding question feel warranted,” Mr. Davis told The Epoch Times in an email. “This conversation was the catalyst for my bill delineating blood donations and mRNA vaccines. We disclose medical information all the time with providers, so why not our vaccine history? It's an easy ask, and I'm proud to sponsor this bill.” 

Once a bill is introduced in Illinois, it is read and referred to the Rules Committee and will then be assigned to a substantive committee. “Without hesitation, helping people is such a blessing and honor,” he said. (more)