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03 APR 2024

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'Like A Rabid Dog': Israel Bombs Hospitals, Aid Workers And An Embassy; Latest Rampage Targets Syria And Gaza As Death Toll Tops 33,000

An independent British member of parliament has denounced Israel's killing of international aid workers, saying Israel is "out of control."

Referring to Monday's deadly strike in the Gaza Strip on aid workers with the food charity World Central Kitchen (WCK), Claudia Webbe said Tuesday on X that Israel is out of control and is "deliberately killing" international aid workers. Earlier Tuesday, WCK confirmed that seven of its humanitarian aid workers were killed in the airstrike. 

The workers were nationals of Australia, Poland, the UK, and Palestine, as well as a US-Canadian dual citizen. After the targeted attack, the group said it was pausing operations in the region. Also referring to Israel's recent move to ban the Qatari-funded television Al Jazeera, she stressed that it has passed a law to "ban journalists.""Israel is killing Palestinians in Gaza. Murder and genocide in plain sight. They don’t want you to know the truth," underlined Webbe. 

The Knesset (Israel’s parliament) passed a law on Monday, allowing the closure of Al Jazeera. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement on X that he intended “to act immediately in accordance with the new law” to stop the news outlet’s activity in Israel. She added: "Our political leaders are complicit." 

In addition to killing some 33,000 people since Oct. 7, the Israeli offensive and siege of the strip has been blamed for near-famine conditions among over 2 million Palestinians there, and for attacks killing both aid workers and civilians seeking humanitarian aid. (more  Discuss

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